Capitol Hill Breakdown

What occurred on the 6th of January 2021 was truly shocking, but an event, which should have unified the country to defend their democracy, has only fuelled the culture war that was already at a presupposed peak. Biden has attacked all conservatives, Big Tech are now cleansing the internet with opposing ideas and main stream media are hiding the truth from people. In this post, there will be a comprehensive breakdown of the claims made about the riot and the impacts stemmed from the Capitol Hill riots. There is a lot to cover so buckle up.

Firstly, it is crucial to denounce all actions that occurred by rioters that damaged property, stormed the building and attacked police officers. This should be an obvious thing to state, however, the current social and cultural climate presumes that all conservatives not only support the Capitol Hill riot, but actively incited the violence with their ideology. This just is not the case. What happened at Capitol Hill is the antithesis of conservatism. Some of the main values of conservatism include: judgment based upon character, prescription and most importantly, law and order.

Did Trump incite the riot?

Before the horrific scenes that eventually took place, President Donald Trump held a rally by the Whitehouse for his supporters. Thankfully, an entire transcript was made very quickly available. Despite the transcript being available, this has not stopped MSM and political figures to twist the words of the President. This has been done during his entire presidency. This is the section of his speech that is being twisted to somehow show President Trump incited the violence:

We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong.”

In this section of his speech, Trump is describing the senators and congressmen and women. When he says that “You have to show your strength,” he is talking about the senators and members of Congress that are not objecting. This is only made even more clear when straight after this he then states:

I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.

Can someone please explain what an oxymoron is to MSM and certain political figures? It is not possible for Trump to incite violence but also promote “peaceful and patriotic” protest. Prior to this day, no Trump rally or protest has ever seen violence instigated by Trump supporters as riots are against the Trump and conservative values.

Did the police treat the rioters differently to BLM and Antifa?

Spreading quicker than the new variant of covid around the internet are posts and memes comparing how the police handled the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th and the BLM protests and riots over the summer. These memes and posts are claiming that the actions of Capitol Hill police show ‘white privilege’ and clear systemic racism. This is just not the case. There are very problematic reasons causing the police to act the way they did that day.

Three days prior, Capitol Hill police rejected support of the National Guard from the Pentagon and rejected support by the FBI twice claiming that they were prepared for a ‘free speech demonstration’. This lead to the Capitol Hill police being massively outnumbered during the riot. Consequently, this meant that police were having to retreat repeatedly to try and manage and protect federal property and all those inside. This also meant that arrests were not initially made; police have to leave with the apprehended once they have arrested them and this would leave them further outnumbered. This was not due to any form of racial preference and more for the safety and protection of the building and people inside. After the riot, more than 50 people have been arrested with more being hunted by federal agencies and law enforcement.

A variety of memes also show a comparison of the national guard standing on the steps of Capitol Hill during BLM riots but were not during the Capitol Hill riot. This again is extremely misleading. To start, the national guard, during the BLM riots, did not not begin by standing on the steps of Capitol Hill. It took weeks of rioting before they were deployed due to Governor Ralph Northam rejecting Trump’s support to deploy the National Guard to help with the riots. After multiple fires and countless nights of vandalism and looting, the National Guard were then deployed, which is then when the photo was taken. The National Guard did not give the rioters on January 6th a free pass.

There are also huge accusations that if the rioters had been BLM or Antifa they would have been gunned down. This just is not the case yet again. Not only are police more reluctant to pull the trigger on a black individual, and has been since the 1980s, not one rioter during the BLM and Antifa protests, that took place for over 100 consecutive days, was killed by police. Yet in one single riot, on one solitary day, for one awful afternoon, one of the rioters were shot dead by law enforcement.

Comparing the Capitol Hill riot to the BLM riots over the Summer has not been covered fairly at all. President-elect Biden stated that “nobody can tell me that if these rioters had been BLM they would not have been treated differently.” This is extremely divisive and quite clearly false as mentioned above. So let us analyse the BLM riots briefly. The riots by BLM and Antifa lasted for over 100 consecutive days, caused more than $10 billion dollars in damage, looted millions of dollars worth of products, destroyed and burned hundreds of small businesses, an autonomous zone was created, more than 30 people died and hundreds of police injured. All of this occurred in multiple cities across the US. To make the statement that BLM rioters would have been treated very differently even worse is that police and politicians caved in to their demands, defunded police forces, knelt with rioters, praised their efforts, agreed with the autonomous zone, tried to normalise violent protests and refused to actually show the riots. This was of course until CNN pointed out that the violence was affecting Biden in the polls which then of course led to the plea to stop the violence. The hypocritical nature of what we are seeing is testament to the cultural issue that will soon affect the world. What is wrong is wrong and we should not be moving the goal posts for what passes as wrong depending on the ideology of the rioting group. They are all wrong and should all be punished and condemned.

Capitol Hill is now a weapon to normalise tyrannical practices

The actions of Capitol Hill have now given leftist politicians and organisations to flex their grip on society. They are now trying to ensure that they have control over what news is available to you, what influencers you can listen to and what you can say or think online. Freedom of speech is only permitted if you have a specific social and political viewpoint.

It has not even been one week since the riot and the attack on free speech has ramped up enormously. The first showing of this attack was by removing Trump’s personal accounts on Facebook and Twitter. They claim his freedom to say what he wants is a danger to society. Who determines this? It certainly is not a bipartisan group of people. What makes this laughable and idiotic is that Iranian political leaders who scream “Death to the west!” and fund terrorist groups throughout the middle east and the Chinese Communist Party, who have a wide variety of human rights violations, have still got Twitter accounts. It is clear the people from twitter and Facebook have no clue what real danger is. Despite this, for the essence of debate, Facebook and Twitter are private entities and can therefore moderate the content as they wish, the only problem with this is that these companies have monopolised the industry leaving very few places for conservative content creators and news outlets to post freely. Facebook and Twitter have done this before to other conservative individuals and in almost every case, the banned conservative wins in court. People such as Stephen Crowder, Dennis Prager, James O’Keefe and Candice Owens have all had to fight battles against these companies for being banned or censored. Facebook and Twitter have now used the Capitol Hill riot as an excuse and cause to ban and restrict the conservative content. They are now deciding what news and opinions you have access to, they are attempting to conform your opinion to fit their ideology.

Big Tech such as Google, Apple and Amazon have now all banned Parler from their stores. So the access to the last major social media platform for conservatives has now been cut from further downloads. These companies told Parler that they need to start moderating the content of their users or be banned from our stores. Essentially, moderate the content we demand or you have no place on our platforms. Another way in which content, news and opinions is being controlled.

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley was due to release his new book this year. However, due to the riots and his position to object to the electoral college results (which he is constitutionally allowed to do and Democrats have done for each of the last three Republican presidents), has his book deal cancelled. Josh Hawley, who was representing the opinion opf his constituents and doing his job, was cancelled. The irony is that his book is titled ‘The Tyranny of Big Tech’. Josh Hawley somehow incited the violence with his ‘constitutional’ objection because it did not align with the ideology of the left.

Fox news, News Max and other right leaning cable news networks are now trying to be forcefully taken off TV by CNN. CNN are pressuring the six major cable companies that transmit the signal from these shows to your home. This is even supported by some Democrats in office. Like everyone on the right, they are all somehow responsible for the atrocities of the Capitol Hill riots and must therefore be cancelled; in some cases through morally and ethically wrong processes. Until recently, the main right leaning news network was Fox News; News Max has shot up in the last year. However, the vast majority of main stream media are Democrat and Left wing supporters. What this shows is another example of the political left trying to control the news and opinions others view and hear. Their reasoning is that their ‘dangerous’ views and ‘bias’ news coverage is a direct reason as to why Capitol Hill happened.

BlazeTV national reporter Elijah Schaffer is now being investigated by CNN for his live documentation of the Capitol Hill riots. CNN are trying to investigate whether Schaffer violated the law by filming protestors in the Capitol building. Schaffer, who has travelled around the country filming and reporting on political protests and riots, had a federal congressional press license and police had no issue with him reporting there. Schaffer had his Facebook and Instagram accounts banned on top of the investigation by CNN. What is odd is why CNN have issue with him being there. There is a consensus held by the vast majority that the riots were a disgrace, yet they do not want videos shown of it. What also makes this odd is that CNN, who knew of the protests, did not have their own reporters down there.

Social media, MSM and Big Tech are utilising their powers to control what you see, control what you hear and limit your access to anyone with a differing opinion to theirs. They are forcing people to listen ‘their truth’ and not ‘the truth’, which can only be achieved by rationalising opinions and hearing evidence from both sides of the political spectrum.

Impeaching Trump and the 25th Ammendment

As soon as the riot was over, Democrats in Congress began drafting files for impeachment on the basis that he incited insurrection. Insurrection is the act of rising against civil authority or government restraint. Trump incited no such thing. What makes this hypocritical is that in the Summer of 2020, an autonomous, named Chaz, was set up in the city of Seattle. This is a clear example of insurrection and anarchy. During the time it was an autonomous zone, Chaz became the most deadly place on planet earth in relation to the number of people killed and the population of Chaz. Main stream media such as CNN and MSNBC were praising the protestors that decided to rise against the government. The mayor of Chaz also supported these actions. Are any of these people or organisations being criminally charged with inciting violence and insurrection? Of course not.

Impeachment will likely be successful in the House as Democrats control that branch. This will mean that Trump will be the first president to have been impeached twice. However, it has to be voted on within the Senate to see if they can bring Trump to trial and remove him from office. for this to happen, the Democrats would need at least 17 Republicans to join them on impeaching the president. Despite being a hypocritical and baseless approach to impeach Trump, which is just like the last one drafted by the House, there is chance that Trump may be removed from office before his presidency ends.

Nancy Pelosi and various other political figures on both sides are also calling for the 25th Amendment to be enacted. This amendment is used to remove presidents from office when it is believed that the President is not of sound mind to be leading the country. For this, they would need Vice President Pence to join their cause to enact it. At the time of writing this, Pence has said he is unlikely to support such thing.

The reason Democrats and some establishment Republicans want to see trump removed from office is due to future impacts. If Trump is impeached and brought to trial or the 25th amendment is enacted, Trump will not be allowed to run for President again. This is exactly what the Democrats and establishment Republicans want, as Trump has such a large following, he broke the record for having the largest increase of votes for a sitting president and because he does not play the political game that is wanted by his opposition. He would stand a very good chance of being re-elected in 2024.

The Questions that need answering

The scenes that took place at Capitol Hill raise lots of questions and concerns. Why did the Capitol Hill police refuse further support? Why are social media giants removing content of the event? Why were CNN and other news organisations not down there reporting? Why were federal agency warnings of violence ignored? This has lead to many claims that the riot was a set up and intentional. It must be said that there were many Trump supporters who joined in with the riots, but it is becoming increasingly clear and evident that the genuine Trump supporters were joined with radicals from both sides of the political spectrum. The New York Post reported that at least two known Antifa members attended the protest- there are claims and videos showing many more. There were also radicals from the right there such as Q-anon and Proud Boys. These individuals, of course, gained the most media attention as if to prove their agenda and narrative that Trump is a white supremacist.

It was also widely reported that there were weapons such as baseball bats, and home-made explosives. This is not the equipment you bring to a protest unless you intend to cause harm and damage. There are also various videos showing large amounts of people with radios. Why do you need a radio at a protest? Unless they were coordinating some form of action.

Combine this with the knowledge that Capitol Hill police refused assistance prior to the event, despite being warned of potential violence and that agitators will be attending and you have a major question that needs answering; was this a planned riot to frame Trump and give cause to the censorship and control we are seeing by the political left? Even some of the Left seem to think this was a set up to hand over power to a set group of people and organisations such as Emily Ratajkowski. This is a bipartisan concern.

Of course, investigations will hopefully take place and will provide answers for the events that took place as this is currently conspiratorial, however, with the current actions taken by political figures and corporations, you may never hear about them.

Appendix of Leftist Hypocrisy

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone Hypocrisy - Imgflip
You made the rules, live with it |  YOU CAN NOT HOLD US ACCOUNTABLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF OUR VIOLENT SUPPORTERS; WHY NOT?  YOU HOLD GENERATIONS OF SOUTHERNERS ACCOUNTABLE FOR SOMETHING THAT HAPPENED OVER A HUNDRED YEARS AGO. | image tagged in memes,inception,you made the rules,democrat hypocrisy,democrat the hate party,law and order not lawlessness | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

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