Breonna Taylor: uproar vs facts

The death of George Floyd brought the unintended tragedy of Breonna Taylor in to the spotlight of mainstream media. Breonna Taylor was killed by police in March during a police raid and has been the fuel for widespread protests and riots in many major American cities. And although the actions of all three officers that night have been rightfully examined and reviewed, almost every element of the case has been misrepresented and hidden by the media and Democrats. It is bemusing that an ever-changing story could still convince millions of people that the police involved are murderers.

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend says in $10.5 million lawsuit that he 'lives in  constant fear' - CNN
Breonna Taylor and Kenneth Walker

Breonna Taylor was shot dead in her home in the early hours of the morning, in Louisville, on the 13th March 2020 by officers executing a warrant for her address, which was believed to be involved in a drug scandal. The initial reports claimed that Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kennth Walker, fired a single shot (which he describes as a warning shot). This shot hit Sergeant Mattingly in the upper thigh as they attempted to enter the property. Police returned fire. Breonna Taylor, who was stood with Kenneth Walker, was shot several times whereas Kenneth Walker was unharmed. After the tragic event, officers Mattingly and Cosgrove were placed on administrative leave while officer Hankinson was fired and has been recently charged with wanton endangerment.

Unfortunately, the initial covering of this event was unfair and unreliable. Certain myths surrounding the event, that were based on very limited evidence, have been frequently debunked. Even as more evidence comes out about this incident and the criminal involvement Breonna Taylor had with Jamarcus Glover, left wing news coorporations suppress it and people refuse to believe it. Breonna Taylor, although tragically killed, was not a model citizen she has been made out to be.

Why were the police there?

The police had been building a case around Jamrcus Glover for months. They were tracking his communications and movements. In doing so, Breonna Taylor’s house was frequently visited and used by Jamarcus Glover as his own home address. Police watched as packages for Jamarcus Glover were delivered to Breonna’s home addressed to Jamarcus Glover; this was corroborated by the postal service making the deliveries. There were phone records discussing drugs at the property and pictures of drugs on the property. On top of the countless observations involving Breonna Taylor or her home, on the 2nd February 2020, officers observed between 15 and 20 cars stop by the premises for a few minutes before driving off, which is typically seen as drug dealing related behaviour. On this premise, it makes perfect sense why the team of officers involved in the case sought out a warrant to search Breonna Taylor’s home.

To get a standard warrant, police have to provide enough evidence to convince a judge that they need to search the property. In this specific case, they needed to show evidence that shows a high likelihood of drug activity going on. The police however, requested a no-knock warrant. These warrants are even more difficult to obtain and it is rightfully so, due to the level of force involved in such a warrant. With this being said, the police must have provided a substantial amount of evidence to gain a no-knock warrant. The following links highlight the entire collection of evidence collected which involved Breonna Taylor in Jamarcus Glover’s crimes.

Myths, facts and confusion

Before Kenneth Walker even came out to say what happened, a narrative of the event had been written. The first myth was the location of where Breonna Taylor was shot. Despite Kenneth Walker never corroborating this, the media were quick to state that Breonna was shot sleeping in her bed. This was later debunked and showed that Breonna Taylor was shot in the hallway of her house.

As police made their statement about the raids that night, including the raid on Jamarcus Glover’s property, the narrative was being altered to then make the claim that the police were at the wrong address. As clearly shown in the above links, her address was repeatedly involved with drugs.

It was also pushed that the police used a no knock warrant. Although it is true that they had obtained one, they did not use it. This has been proven through an independent witness claiming to have heard the police announce themselves. On top of this, Kenneth Walker claims the pair woke to the sound of knocking. This means the police were not executing a no knock warrant. Sergeant Mattingly commented that they thought she was alone and wanted to give her ample time to get to the door.

On top of the myths, there are areas of the case that are confusing to everyone and on both sides of this case. Why were the body cameras not turned on? This would have ended all discussion over the tragic events that night. Secondly, if Kenneth Walker fired the shot at police and was stood next to Breonna Taylor, how did he remain unharmed but Breonna had been shot multiple times? Police would logically shoot at whoever was holding the gun. Body camera footage from back-up officers suggests that Breonna Taylor was the shooter and although this has not been pushed, the officer that was shot is now suing Kenneth Walker for shooting him, which will most likely bring forward the truth of the actual shooter that night.

A divisive media

Breonna Taylor died months before George Floyd and had very limited media coverage at the time. It should make you question why? Why not push the story back in March if the police were in the wrong? Why wait till George Floyd was murdered to revitalise the event? The killing of George Floyd allowed media to create a concoction of distrust in the police and increased racial tension; a political chess move. It added fuel to a dying fire which then burst alive into violence and riots. While there were many peaceful protests, billions of dollars in damage and hundreds dead does not suggest that they were mostly peaceful.

Even after the evidence was brought forward, which showed Breonna Taylor was involved in criminal activity, the media failed to acknowledge it. Instead, they moved to attack the attorney general, who happens to be black, claiming he is a liar. Some even going as far as to say “He’s skinfolk, but he’s not kinfolk.” He has been disowned by people of the same skin colour because he did not agree with them about the police intentionally killing Breonna Taylor because she was black. It has always been political. A created hysteria to draw in voters to get Trump out of power.

A further problem created by media not acknowledging Breonna Taylor’s criminal activity, is the displacement of responsibility of the individual on to a socially constructed narrative supported by the left and media. It promotes poor choices which lead to more tense and deadly interactions with the police. Police are now under increased pressure to not shoot a criminal who is endangering them as they may face severe backlash. We saw this with Rayshard Brookes, Walter wallace Jr and Jacob Blake. There are many more, but these individuals were all armed in some form and endangering the lives of the officers involved. They were all committing crimes at the time police were called to deal with them and yet they are made out to be innocent of all actions because the police are racist. It is a baffling mystery of irrational logic, that an individual who is a repeat offender, currently committing a crime, resisting arrest and endangering the lives of the police and/or others is shot by police and police are labelled the antagonists.

The manipulative coverage of these incidents actually harms the cause they are fighting. It is not only increasing racial tensions, but it is hindering the ability to identify the officers that are bad (very few). If all police are labelled as bad, authoritarian and racist, then how do you identify the police officers that are racist?

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